Working on an "Ultimate" guide for testing/documenting your API w/ Postman

Hi Postman Community!

We use Postman to test many of our customer’s APIs and I have personally used Postman for a long time. And with the impressive 1.29 billion requests created on Postman in the past year, Postman is really catching speed with developers.

So we are created a guide on the fundamentals of using Postman for documentation & testing.

Take a look here: Postman, The Ultimate Guide: Fundamentals (Part 1) | Konfig.

Do you guys have any tips/tricks when using Postman that should be included?

I recently saw How to run postman requests using Tags and thought it was a really neat way of leveraging the Postman itself to dynamically run tests.

I can imagine a use-case where you maintain a list of flaky tests in a notion page and use Notion’s API to dynamically skip over flaky tests in CI/CD.