Adding New Postman integrations

My team is working on a Test Management System that incorporates a reporting feature and analytic dashboard. Its fundamental goal is synchronising automated and manual testing processes on one single platform. Furthermore, its Postman and Newman’s integration facilitates the seamless handling of API tests. QAs can run them on local machines also on CI/CD directly from the test management system or Jira and bring results with comprehensive and informative real-time reports.

We noticed a few of the same tools in your list here through the link Could you add ours? So, I would like to know, in which way we can add one to this list? I wrote on email to without answer.


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The tools listed are all fully integrated into Postman, as opposed to just been added to a list.

You could try sending a message to or raising a request here, for the team to take a look at.

I wrote a letter to the address you shared in your message. Also submitted an issue. Now I am waiting for a decision.

Hi, I wrote a few letters again as you advised me on top and have not received any answer. How can I know the decision regarding the publication of my tool in your integration list?

I don’t have any information as to when things will be triaged. That work will need to be assessed and prioritised against all the other ongoing work that the team has in the backlog.

The GH issue is the best place to track any information or updates on this.

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