Large scale test organization

The company I work for is creating an api for our current desktop application.

We’re looking at Postman as a possible API testing solution.

We currently have 2 people available to maintain our API testing. Both of which don’t have much experience with API testing outside of simple postman requests\tests.


1.) Based on your experience, at what point does request\test management get difficult? Is it when you have 10 requests and 100 test, or x10 that, or is that even how you’d measure that?

2.) Does anyone know of examples for larger scale projects publicly available?
My thought is to see how companies manage large number tests\requests, so we can learn from it. Most of the test organization examples I’ve seen have been small and not indicative of the real world of 100’s of requests and 1000’s of tests.

3.) Is there anything missing (I’m guessing yes) in regards to the way I’m thinking about API testing?

I appreciate any help you can provide,


Hi Rob,

if the people responsible for API testing don’t have much experience, probably Postman is a good tool to start with.

  1. Things get difficult when you can no longer use the same requests and start duplicating requests and code. Depends on which scenarios you plan to test.

  2. I am not aware of any good examples (not saying that there are none). Many large collections are just API documentation and not necessarily focused on API testing.

  3. Allow yourself to go through a learning process. Get started and adapt along the way. It is hard to make all the right decisions in advance. Make sure you know what is possible with Postman and which are the limitations. Learn about techniques to reuse code and requests. Especially the part with reusing code is causing issues in larger projects.

Come back to the community with more questions.