Two test cases are failed

Hello I am getting started with Postman and I really enjoying it so far but I’m struggling to know what is wrong with my API calls

For the first failure, we need to see the “params” tab for the “get fictions book” request.

Undefined means it can’t read a variable. (Without seeing the test code for this course, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what its actually looking for).

The second failure appears to be matching the wrong request. I would recommend closing all of your tabs and ensuring any changes are saved and try again.

What training course is this please? Do you have a link?

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thanks for your response the link to that training is


I don’t have access to those collections, however as those are the student expert courses, the general guidance is that these courses aren’t there to catch you out.

My recommendation would be to go back over the course details.

Issues can be as simple as a spelling mistake or an incorrect folder name.

In relation to your latest screenshot, the parameters look fine to me.

If you have a look at the skill check request. All of the tests are in the tests tab.

You should be able to dig into the JavaScript in here, and this usually gives you a better indicator of what the test is doing.

okay I am going to do my best thanks again for your response

So I just signed up for that course and have completed it.

As your last screenshot looks ok to me, I suspect the issue is that you have some unsaved pages.

This will cause the tests to fail as the change hasn’t been fully committed to the collection.

I had the same issue, I had 27 out of 28 passing tests and it was because one of the requests had unsaved changes.

Clicked on save and re-sent the collection test and its now passing. (I’ve even claimed the badge).

I checked all pages and all of them are saved so I guess, i am going to repeat the training from scratch again

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