Settings didnt migrated after version upgraded

hi I am using the version
Version 11.1.14
UI Version: 11.1.14-ui-240521-0853
Desktop Platform Version: 11.1.14 (11.1.14)

I noticed I started to get this error Error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT
The error itself is a nasty one.
Then I checked the configuration and I noticed the Request timeout
was 3000. So I think once I did upgrade the Postman version the settings data didnt migrate.

Hi @technical-engineer16. Welcome to the Postman Community!

Can you please raise a support request here to enable us better assist you.

I am tired of opening support tickets because issues rarely get fixed. Please improve the process.

This is my second attempt to use Postman for daily tasks, and once again, I’m considering dropping it and going back to Python!!!

The tool is expensive, and for those who delve deep into development, Postman is a very low-level tool that costs a lot of money.

Hi @technical-engineer16.

I’m really sorry about your experience. We take user feedback seriously and use it to constantly improve the overall experience of the product.

Why I recommended that you reach out to support was because this could be an issue specific to just your account as you mentioned experiencing this after an upgrade. The default request timeout in Postman is over 60000ms. This can be increased in the settings tab to an higher limit. Do you still experience the same issue after increasing the limit?

Additionally, could you share with other data that didn’t migrate after the version update?