ESOCKETTIMEDOUT in Postman, but cURL response in terminal

hi folks,
i am trying to send a POST request in postman and get a ESOCKETTIMEDOUT. When copying the snippet and posting inside the terminal i receive the expected response (exactly same settings).

I’ve already tried:

  • SSL Ceritificate Verification
  • Send Postman Token Headers
  • send no cache headers
  • increasing request timeout in ms
  • Down- and upgrading postman from V8 to V9.14 (newest)

Any ideas?

Excuse me, have you solved this problem? I also had the same problem.


You won’t get much of a response, if you don’t include more details.

Include a screenshot of your request and response, and console.log if appropriate as a starter for 10. (Redacted as appropriate). If you don’t know what the console.log is, then please have a look at the Learning Centre and Postman training on the Postman home page as its core functionality.

Has this request ever worked? Do other requests within the same API\ or other API’s work ok (denoting a problem with your specific API\request).

Sorry, my description was not clear enough at first, but the problem I encountered was that, as the poster said, the request for the get interface reported an error of ESOCKETTIMEDOUT.

In the end, the way I solved it was to change to a new operator network, because I also encountered the same problem when requesting JMeter, so I ruled out the problem of the tool itself.