Setting up API for Quickbooks Time

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My question: Hello, I am trying to set up a API for QuickBooks Timesheets. For now, i am stuck at the beginning. I believe I have to authorize a user to be able to retrieve data from QuickBooks. I am unsure where to start, and QuickBooks time is zero help.

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How this is setup will be down to the Quickbooks API.

No one here will be able to tell you the settings unless they have specifically used the Quickbooks API themselves.

A quick Google search (which I’m sure you could have attempted yourself).

Quick start to QuickBooks Online REST API with OAuth 2.0 - Intuit Developer Community Blog

It will be something similar to the above. I don’t know if it will be different for the exact product you have (as that article is from 2017).

The API must come with some documentation and that should be the starting point.

Also have a look here.

Introduction – QuickBooks Time API Reference (

There is a link on that page to an example Postman collection.

Postman Collection – QuickBooks Time API Reference (