Using Postman with Intuit Developer

My question:
Does postman still work with Intuit Developer?

Details (like screenshots):
I seem to be having a 401 authentication issue. It is giving me this error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> General Authentication Error AuthenticationErrorGeneral: SRV-110-Authentication Failure , statusCode: 401

I followed the documentation online and looked through all the forms on Intuit Developer on how to fill out the postman Params, Authorization and headers but it is still coming up with a 401 error. It says it can be a companyID error but I have checked it with my time 3 times but it seems to be ok.

For the URL I have it set up as:
company ID: The company ID that was given to me to connect to the Quickbooks Account
Grand Type: Authorization code
Auth URL: Intuit Accounts - Sign In
Access token URL:
Client ID and Secret: From the Intuit Developer App that is shared with me.
State: test
Client authentication: Send client credentials in body

How I found the problem:
I found this problem by filling out the intuit developer collections. I downloaded the intuit developer collections from the intuit developer website. Then I logged into my account and I entered in all the information needed. I followed these steps when setting up postman:

I’ve already tried:
I have already tried to:

  • get a New Access Token
  • Add the redirect uri localhost
  • I tried re-entering all the information again
  • re-adding the intuit developer collections
  • adding different callback urls

Hey! I’ve encountered exact same issue. Did you manage to resolve it?