Server response - Your browser does not support JavaScript

Hi All,

I am receiving this message when trying to post an API to SAP marketing cloud. I have used the postman for the same process for last 3 months and for last one week i am getting this message. Experts provide your support

Hey @selvam85,

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Could you provide more context and information about the problem, please? If you could include images of what you’re seeing, that would be awesome!

Hi @danny-dainton,

Thank you for the reply. I have updated the screenshots of the postman response.

I am getting this response when I try to generate token or post and update in to SAP ymarketing cloud system. These functionality was working fine for last few months. Suggest if I need to maintain any settings to fix the issue.

I also had this issue, also with SAP Marketing Cloud.
While I was typing this to ask you if you ever solved it, I noticed another API call did work, started comparing, and noticed it was due to the Authorizations. On the call that replied “not support JavaScript” I used a wrong user. Hope this info can help someone when they bump into this error.

Hi @danny-dainton

I am also facing same issue Can you please check and let me know ASAP.
Please find screenshot of the postman response.

Hey @sampathh.kolisetty

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I have no idea what that request is doing/trying to do. :joy:

Without more context about your specific usecase, I’m not sure what I can do here.

I believe they are trying to do a GET/POST request to a URL that would need saml/2factor authentication.
Similar issue with me - Trying to get spinnaker applications for the cluster using curl