Receiving "Since your browser does not support support javascript..." upon trying to get request

I am attempting to perform API testing and I am using postman to call an endpoint (GET) and it is resulting in Status of 200 and following Note/Error:
Note: Since your browser does not support JavaScript, you must press continue button once to proceed

I researched a bit regarding this problem and many forums say it is due to Javascript being disabled, but I made sure JavaScript is enabled for all sites for this test. It is still not working.

In the Preview Tab of Postman, it shows me to press Continue button but pressing that does NOT do anything.

My problem is very similar to following problem but I am not sure how to bypass SSO as mentioned in the solution:

I am positive that this has something to do with the SSO as there is hidden SAMLRequest going out whenever I hit Send on postman.

Any help would be highly appreciated!