Send a request to Postman from a server

Hi all,

Could you tell me if it’s possible to send a request from a server on php to postman? It’s expected that postman will forward this request to a destiation server but on its behalve, get result and bring it back to my server.

It seems that it’s similar to proxy server functionality but I can’t install proxy and postman on a server where my project hosted. Thus it would be great if I could send requests to postman from php file.

Just one remark. Saying “postman will send a request on its behalve” I mean that, when an extrenal server receives a request forwarded by postman, it will be postman as Origin and Refferer, not my domain.

I don’t know if you can use the new Postman “flows” feature to facilitate some of this.

Webhooks are another way of integrating, but this won’t return data to your API.

Custom webhooks | Postman Learning Center

Personally, I would advise that Postman is the wrong tool for this.

This is what an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) does.

You can also use Microsoft Logic Apps or Power Automate (aka Flow).

There are probably a ton of other services that can also do this. I just don’t think this is what Postman was built for which is DEV and testing, not middleware. The Postman Flows feature is quite new and I suspect it will be challenging for this to work seamlessly (if at all). Please note, I haven’t played around with Postman flows that much as we already have Microsoft Logic Apps available in our org. Postman flows uses the Postman cloud though, which means you may have firewall issues to consider.

I don’t understand why you want to do this. If you can write code to call Postman, then surely you can write the proper code to call your API directly. There will be PHP libraries out there that will look nearly identical to the Postman sendRequest() library. Include a test and assertion library, and it’s almost the same code.