Pm.sendrequest client side or server side?

I was just wondering whether the pm.sendrequest function is executed on the client or server side of the postman app. I know that some API’s use CORS’ " Access-Control-Allow-Origin" to block the content if the request is sent client side as it exposes API key’s. I’m trying to keep the requests in the collection to a minimum and this would add roughly 100 requests if I’m unable to execute server side in the post request scripts.

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Requests from pm.sendRequest go via the client, exactly the same as the requests you make in the client normally.

The exception to this is if you run your collection as a Postman Monitor, at which point it runs in Postman’s cloud. Using newman will cause the requests to originate from the machine running Newman.

Perhaps you could expand on your use-case a little? Running requests server side won’t necessarily prevent the CORS errors you mention unless that server is an accepted origin on the API side.