Does Postman have a way to programmatically execute requests?

I have tried to look into if Postman have a way of programmatically execute requests through an API or something similar.

Psuedo thought experiment/flow:

  1. Create a request in Postman
  2. Program a http client that makes Postman execute the request.
  3. Have postman execute the request and return the response to my http client.

Not necessarily looking for something exactly like this, but something similar where I could make postman execute my postman request from an external program.

hi @CANilsen

Sounds like you are talking about webhooks… One of the community members recently used webhooks to send data from a google form onto the HNT blockchain via Postman.

Have a look at this;

Why wouldn’t you make the external program connect directly to the API in question.

You would just be adding complexity to the integration, and another thing in the mix that could break.

If you have got the ability to program the http requests in the client, then surely you would just call the API directly.

We use an Enterprise Service Bus to join the integrations between systems, even if they have their own API’s but Postman is not an Enterprise Service Bus.

Webhooks only really work if both systems are webhook aware.

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Thank you for your response.

Our situation is that we very often have to develop new integrations towards different API’s. We save time by have this configurable in a GUI instead, that way we can have non-coders setup new integrations. Over the past years we have slowly expanded our GUI so that users can create basic integrations, being able to set variables like endpoint url, POST/GET, Content-Type etc. Every time a new API does not match what we currently support in the GUI, programmers expand the GUI.

If there was a way that one could setup the request in Postman instead, we would not have to always expand our GUI. How this would work I don’t know.

Postman is not the tool for this.

I would recommend a forms application that you can call API’s but the front-end development is GUI driven. It might cost but will be cheaper than the development time spend to implement and code yourself.

Orbeon Forms is open source. Only problem I had with Orbeon previously was the lack of version control, and the HTML elements in the tables weren’t tagged with ID’s properly (which is an issue if you want to drive automated gui tests). Don’t know if the latter versions address any of this. There will be other similar products out there.