ScratchPad Migrating Data partially missing

i have 2 times now tried to migrate my data, but every time i tried some informations are missing.
Last try was with Postman 10.18.x where most of the collections were migrated but some variables on the collection level were missing and one collection was empty (only the collection name was there, when expanding nothing happens).
Now i am back to 10.17.4 so i can still use the ScratchPad.
Is there any idea how a successful mirgration can happen?

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Was everything that you had in Scratchpad, saved before attempting to Migrate the data over to a Workspace?

Did you have a lot of data in Scratchpad before migrating?

Everything was saved, maybe for some APIs a already saved entry was modified but not saved because it is only temporary modification.
Only one Scratchpad (as far as i know).

I was thinking of unsaved changes in terms of either Requests that were not part of a Collection, modifications made to the elements that haven’t been saved, etc.

Within the Scratchpad, was there a lot data (Collections, Environments)?

8 Collections, the biggest has about 25 APIs, the others are smaller, 2 of them have only 3 items.
I would say it is not big!
Interesting is that variables (like in the screenshot) whos name starts with “_xxx” are overtaken, but without value (i think this could be the problem)!!
Very strange.

By overtaken, you mean that the variable keys are there but the values are not present?

If you moved the data from Scratchpad to a new Workspace using the Export > Import method, the current values of those variables wouldn’t have been Imported as those are not part of the Export file as they stay on your machine.

If you choose the Migrate Data option that would have brought those variable values from Scratchpad into the Workspace.

I have used the Migrate Data wizard on Postman startup.
The next idea was to use Export and Import and hope it works better.

Just to clarify @kerschenbauer - If you move the data from Scratchpad to a new Workspace using the Export > Import method, the Current Value of those variables wouldn’t be part of that Export file so I wouldn’t expect that to show them on the Import.

Hey @kerschenbauer

Hopefully, you got this all sorted!

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