All settings, Environments, Collections gone

After being forced to update to
Version 10.18.9
UI Version: 10.18.9-ui-230926-0710
Desktop Platform Version: 10.18.7 (10.18.7)

Everything is missing, all my settings all my collections all environments, everything.

Sure i have an backup, not that old, but there had been some changes in the last weeks there.

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Why not pop up after update? That’s UX from hell

After sign in, were you not presented with this user dismissible popup?

Are you now able to see your migrated data in a new Workspace?

After sign in, were you not presented with this user dismissible popup?

nope, it just restarted and looked like a fresh installation

Are you now able to see your migrated data in a new Workspace?

I am currently evaluating if everything has migrated correctly but it looks ok so far

After the forced migration, all current variable values were lost, and I’m not interested in wasting 3 or 4 hours recreating them with different logic, and I’m already spending 2 hours busy reading comments that lead to nothing.

The Reprimand: Repeated many times, once again, regardless of what consequences all this changes has for security, my clients will not understand no matter how many “Trust” documents I send them. The fact is that Postman is so insignificant in our projects that it is not even worth discussing. And no, Europeans don’t want their data outside of Europe.

It is clear, that you want to continue moving forward, make more money, but don’t forget what made you grow up.

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Hey @angelrodriguez8008 :wave:

Once you signed up for an account - Did you use the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data option? That would have brought all of you data from Scratch Pad into a Workspace, including all saved current values.

If you choose the Export > Import option, that wouldn’t have brought in the Current value, as those wouldn’t have been part of the Export file.

Just to clear this point up - You’re being asked not forced to create a Free account, to continue using the features of Postman that you have been using up until now. You’re also not obligated to create a Free account either, the decision is yours and you need to make the right choice for your context. Your data can be Exported from the Lightweight API Client, without signing up or logging in.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

  • Did you use the ⚙️ > Settings > Data > Migrate data option? ----> Yes, I used this option. I also have a copy of these collections on my computer (manually exported above). Imported, this doesn’t help. I was “sure” that the variable values are there, but I didn’t check before.

I also check the backup files in %AppData%\Roaming\Postman

I looked for the values, I only found them once in Logs (000008.log), it’s not a JSON.

Exporting the data without signing in doesn’t work either.

None of this used to happen before; it was always there (I didn’t care about). Everything was perfectly fine.

Yes, we were using a free tool, but it’s not the only one. Many other things are created with and for the community. If every one followed your company approach, we would face significant setbacks, delaying software development by over 20+ years.

The issue isn’t creating an account; it’s the requirement to move the collections to the cloud. I didn’t even know that “importing” my local files would do that. I just wanted to open them.

Furthermore, even if I wanted to pay for this service, my clients wouldn’t accept it.


Is this current values within an environment?

Current values in environments do not synch to the cloud, and are not included when exporting collections, therefore I suspect won’t be included in the data migration tool either.

My collection variables current values wasn’t & aren’t in any environment. They were saved on the collections. Now are gone, I think, forever. Any Idea?

I would have thought for collections that they would be available.

Hopefully someone from Postman will be able to provide you more details.

If you used the Migrate data option, this would have brought all of those saved Current values, into the Workspace.

Any attempts to Import any data using a file that you have previously exported, wouldn’t have those Current values within the file and wouldn’t be brought into Postman.

@danny-dainton - Again, yes I used this function, many times. Now in a New Personal Workspace. There is nothing there. I already send you, a screenshot of my Variables.

By nothing, you mean only the Current values are missing? Is the rest of the Collection data present in that Workspace?

Yes, that is what I mean. Exactly like the screenshot shows.

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