Schedule Run in postman

How to get email notifications even after the successful run for Schedule run?

Hi @saabari !

So while notifications for scheduled runs are typically sent for failures or errors, you may be able to put together a workaround, as direct support for this feature is not available.

Here’s a potential method:

  1. Test Script Modification: At the end of your collection’s tests, you can incorporate a “forced failure” just for the sake of triggering an email notification.
    For example, you might add:
    pm.test("Force notification", function(){
  2. Parse Email Content: When you receive the email, you can look for the “forced failure” message. If it’s present alongside all other tests passing, you’ll know that the collection run was, in fact, successful.
  3. Consider External Tools: Another approach is to integrate Postman with external notification or monitoring tools using Postman’s API, Webhooks, or other integrations. For instance, tools like Slack or custom-built applications can be used to relay success messages to your desired platform or even directly to your email.

It’s important to note that adding “forced failures” or other workarounds might affect the integrity of the actual test results, so ensure you interpret the results correctly when reviewing them.

I would definitely recommend submitting this as a feature request on the Postman GitHub repository, as it can help the team prioritize it based on user feedback.

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