Saving requests from Interceptor in order by timestamp

Hi All, When trying to save requests that were captured via Postman Interceptor they always end up in a random order. The majority of the calls have the same endpoint so I have to go into every request and compare it to the capture log to put it back in the correct order by Timestamp. This is very time consuming and frustrating. It looks like they can be organized by either Domain Name or Endpoints but neither of those have the requests in the correct order.

Older versions of Postman/Interceptor always saved them in the correct order but I don’t remember what version that was. I’m currently using Postman Version 10.19.7 and Chrome Interceptor plug on Mac OS. Is there really no way to save the requests to a collection in the order they were captured in this version of Postman/Interceptor plugin?

Hey @sykeslexia, You’re correct as the order of requests in the collection is not deterministic ATM.

We’ll be taking a look into this issue and let you know here once we have an update on this.

Hey @sykeslexia :wave:

It would be great if you could raise this issue on our public tracker, for the team to use to track any changes and provide updates against :pray:

The community forum isn’t always the best place for this :grimacing:

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