Request url is empty

im running a collection .
my collection has basic auth , name and password which works for the request if i post manually . but when i try to run collection i get this error


Error: runtime:extensions~request: request url is empty

:arrow_forward:Request Headers

Authorization: Basic T1BBTCBTVEFHRSBBUEk6TWFnbmV0aWMxMTIzIQ==

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Hey @david_tattersall :wave:

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It’s difficult to see what’s happening from that information :sweat_smile:

Are you able to share an image of the full app window including the request that is showing that error.

Most likely, you have unsaved changes in the request. If a change has been made to a request tab in between a collection run and not saved, that wouldn’t be picked up by the runner.

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