Running the same request several times with different data

Hi everyone
I want to run the same request several times

In pre-request script I have

var photo1 = pm.globals.get("uploaded_photo_id"); 
var photo2 = pm.globals.get("uploaded_photo_id1"); 
var photo3 = pm.globals.get("uploaded_photo_id2"); 

var photoArray = pm.environment.get("photoArray"); 
    photoArray = ["photo1", "photo2", "photo3"];

var currentPhotoArray = photoArray.shift();
pm.environment.set("currentphotos",currentPhotoArray );
pm.environment.set("photoArray", photoArray);

In Body I have


And in test I have

var photoArray = pm.environment.get("photoArray"); 

if(photoArray && photoArray.length > 0){
    postman.setNextRequest(pm.environment.get("url") + '/contests/' + pm.globals.get("photo_id") + '/submissions/add?key=' + pm.globals.get("user_key"));
} else{

The problem is that I can’t use properly “uploaded_photo_id”-s which are declared earlier as global variables