How to run a request multiple times?


I have a scenario, where i want run the ‘Create SE’ and ‘Move SE’ requests 100 times after running ‘Create SD’ request. can anyone help me to achieve this.?


  1. Add an environment variable ex., count
  2. Add a Test script in “Create SD” request to set the count value
    pm.environment.set("count", 100);
  3. Add the below Test script in “Move SE” request

var currentCount = pm.environment.get(“count”)
if (currentCount > 0){
currentCount = currentCount -1 ;
pm.environment.set(“count”, currentCount);
postman.setNextRequest(“Create SE”);

Hi jeevananthank,

Thank a lot for your help. I tried this code for count=10 it worked. I will try for count=100 and i ll get back to you if any issues.

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