Running a request multiple times with different data only runs once


I am new to Postman and running into a recurrent issue that I can’t figure out.
I am trying to run the same request multiple times using an array of data established on the Pre-request script, however, when I go to the runner the request is only running once, rather than 3 times.

Pre-request script:
var uuids = pm.environment.get(“uuids”);

if(!uuids) {
uuids= [“1eb253c6-8784”, “d3fb3ab3-4c57”, “d3fb3ab3-4c78”];

var currentuuid = uuids.shift();
pm.environment.set(“uuid”, currentuuid);
pm.environment.set(“uuids”, uuids);

var uuids = pm.environment.get(“uuids”);

if (uuids && uuids.length>0) {
} else {

I have looked over regarding documentation and I cannot find what is wrong with my code.

thank you in advance.


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