Running GET url on Postman for Alation via api

I executing a GET request for Alation api lineage.
It is taking the url but it is giving the error “Authentications credentials not provided” when i hit SEND

Where are the credentials provided?


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Usually the Authentication is handled under the “Authorization” tab.

But it depends on the API, some use the Headers for getting the keys, tokens etc.

Some APIs will use a form based pay load and the keys, session tokens are sent along with the payload.

I tried to google the Alation API docs, and I see that they are using tokens which is sent to be as part of the headers.

Can you try passing the token value as a variable “token” with the Header like below:

To get the API tokens please refer here.

If this is a customized API, please reach out to your developers!

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Hi Pricilla

Thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated.

I have executed these steps in the same way and i had generated the API token from Alation UI and entered under headers.
Dont know why its still showing the credentials error.
Please let me know if you have any take on this.

Hi @pallavisharma1 :wave:

I can’t predict what’s happening then :disappointed_relieved: Possible to share some screenshots/details here? :blush:

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