Running collection does not run pre-request and test scripts

I have a collection with 4 requests and run it. But pre-request and test scripts defined per each request are not running at all. However if I use collection pre-request script it does work before each request.

I would expect per request scripts running while collection is running.
Isn’t it expected behavior?

App information (please complete the following information):

  • Native app.
  • Postman v7.6.0.
  • Windows 10

Hey @pavelex,

I’m not sure you have made the changes after first running the Collection but I can see that you have lots of unsaved changes and these wouldn’t be picked up by the Collection Runner.

Are you able to save all the changes in the open tabs and try the Collection in the runner again.


Hey @dannydainton!

Thank you so much! That is what helped me!
I’m kind of expecting from any development tool to take any changes immediately, instead of saving all changes all the time… That probably should be a new feature of Postman.
Gosh, I spent couple of hours… I just needed to save it…

Many thanks for quick reply!