Data unavailable (Only data about the top 10 historical runs is stored)


I’m getting “Data unavailable (Only data about the top 10 historical runs is stored)” under “Request Body” when running my tests in the collection runner

According to the below topics, this was a bug resolved in 2018. I haven’t been able to find anything that would help.

Thank you

HI, thanks for reporting this and we are sorry for the hassle.

As you pointed out, the issue had been tracked here and is now closed:

So that we can investigate further, can you tell me more information?

  • Your app version
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Whether this is happening to any collection or a specific collection only
  • Any relevant screenshots would be very helpful as well


are you sure you have request body set ? postman v 7.36.1 shows this when body is empty

I believe it was all related to this issue and @juliehive mentioned that it solved this problem.


if there are variable with same name in environment and data csv, then data csv will have precedence and the value from data csv will be overriding environment variable value .

so if the value in the column in csv is blank , then the varaible value will also be blank and you will see this behavior.

Thanks, Danny for confirming :slight_smile:

I am on version Version 7.36.1, but as Danny mentions below, it was resolved when I changed my variables so my data file and postman environment were using different variable names.

Thanks for your help!