REST-assured v/s Postman


I was looking what is the difference between REST-assured v/s Postman. I found few things while googling but it was old thread. As of now if any one can tell me what is the best, that will help me lot.



Hi @hasmukhpatel ! Interesting question. Well, as you are on the Postman forum, our answers might be a little biased :wink: That being said, there are always plusses and minuses, and one tool rarely fits everyone’s needs.

Can you tell us about your use case and what you’re hoping to accomplish? That could help narrow things down.


@hasmukhpatel Welcome to the Community :partying_face:

For my POC work I had little research/tutorials on REST-Assured API. Of course as @hannah.neil quoted, every tool has it’s own pros and cons. Tool selection is based on your organization/client requirements as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally Postman is my favorite, why because? (I will try to compare it against the REST-Assured since you have mentioned it here :blush:)

  1. You don’t need a separate IDE or knowledge about working in IDE’s. Postman tool as such provides you all the functionalities.
  2. You have a wider user coverage and plenty of tutorials/support available for Postman.
  3. You should have better knowledge about Java/BDD for working in REST-Assured.
  4. Since it’s a API as such there’s no GUI options, which will be a little tough for beginners.
  5. People who doesn’t have any programming experience prior can easily get adopted with Postman.
  6. Postman is providing many training options which are self explanatory and the freshers could learn without any much assistance.
  7. Postman is growing by listening to the Users. You can log your bugs/feature request and you will be listened :headphones:
  8. Last but not least, you have a wonderful community support where we are trying to help our best to the Postman users.

All the above points are purely based on the experiences I had in my Organization/Team.

So I strongly suggest you to play around Postman and you can decide what’s best for you :partying_face:

All the best :bouquet:


Few main reason for postman being my favorite are:


The main thing that I would look forward to when testing something is whether the tool or language I use natively supports it.

Java doesn’t natively support json ,you have to create json object . So to do a simple thing like create a json body send it and get data from response and send it with next request , you have to do so much coding .

But for python and javascript , json object is natively supported . So it’s really simple to play around with json.

And when it comes to postman , all the pre configuration and post configuration stuff like setting up authentication , setting request body , creating html report everything is done by postman for you . So that you can concentrate on task that actually add value to the product you are testing than putting unnecessary effort on creating separate huge test automation framework .

Community support

Postman have evolved from being just tool vendors , to being API advocator . Here in the community you can see talks about what needs to be tested , how to ensure quality , good practices etc .
People get involved and share knowledge with each other


The key pillers of DevOps is to integrate, automate and collaborate.

Other tools may help to achieve the first two ,but never helps in achieving the third pillar.

In Postman , you can share your api with elaborated documentation that helps other teams to know exactly how to use the API . You can see many organisations like microsoft , have link to postman collections in their API documentation so that clients can play around and get familiar

One tool fit all

Restassured is a tool to automate API validation , while Postman creates an ECO system for better APIs .

The eco system that postman provides features like creating documentation , validating api manually , creating mock server , generating collection and mocks from API schema, test automation , team collaboration etc.

So in short you can get rid of restclient used for manual Api calls , separate documentation tools , mockwire for mocking API , collaboration tools , and so on


some improvements that I am eagerly waiting in Postman

Script debugging

If codding errors are there that throws exception, it won’t pin point exactly which line the issue was thrown . Debugging gets little tricky, but as you don’t have to write much code their won’t be any confusing abstractions . You find and pin point easily,

But it could be made better and a feature request already in place

No html report in collection runner , only available for newman

It would be great to have htmlextra like report from colletion runner also . So that it will be easy to know what went wrong .

Mock servers

It would be great if mock server body can be dynamically manipulated.

Eg in wiremock you can edit the reference json from the script which helps in dynamically modifying the response got from.mock server.

But postman mockserver supports adding many example response and can add headers to match specific response to be send as response


@bpricilla Thanks a lot for very good explanation.

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@praveendvd Thanks for detail about postman.

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