Why should developers have all the fun?!

Not to discriminate against Developers here!! :blush:
Just a motivational post for QA folks who are looking forward to know more about Postman :innocent:!!

Are you a Quality Assurance Engineer? Okay, you may have some Automation knowledge. It’s great to have, even if not it’s completely fine here…

There are plenty of sources available online from which self learning is possible to master Postman. Personally, from my experience when I started Testing using Postman, it’s all Greek to me.

All you have to do is start learning some basics of API and some JavaScript.

Actually I should say, Postman inspired me to learn and take a deep drive into JavaScript :star_struck:. Of Course it’s not mandatory to learn JS, but I will say it’s worth investing your time in learning it…
Because it will definitely help you to write efficient Automation scripts to test your API using Postman. So I have written an article about the basic array methods in JS which will really help to make your tests look fancier.

Please find the link below, and kindly do take a moment to read it.


I’d recommend providing the responses as well in your examples, not just the requests to illustrate what the method does.

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@murdoc.trammell Thanks for lot taking time to read it and providing the feedback. I have now updated with the results/examples as well :+1:

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Of course @bpricilla ! It’s always nice to have a refresher on these Javascript methods, bookmarked.

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