I have a question - what is Postman

I’m New to this place so can someone explain what postman is about?:woozy_face:.

I Don’t really understand how this place works honestly.

Hi @y6.joshuam

Welcome to the community. :wave:

Here are few helpful resources to get started with Postman.

Postman tutorial for beginners

Postman Learning Centre Documentation

Hope this helps!

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Hi @y6.joshuam,

Welcome to the community! Glad to have you.

So what I describe Postman is, is an HTTP Client that can execute HTTP Methods. Particularly, its well suited around executing Web APIs (as an API Client) or Application Programming Interface.

Leaving the explanation to just that would be an insult however, as it can do so much more. But at it’s heart, it’s an API Client.

If you ask me, its the best API Client out there, well geared towards current development processes, and even more prepared for the future than any other HTTP Client out there.

With collaboration tools, mocking, monitoring, visualizing, version control, scripting, and more, you can’t find a better API Client out there.

Let alone its free!

If you are really looking to get started with Postman, I’d recommend the Intro to Postman series video I made.

Additionally, I would check out @vdespa channel, as he has so much information to provide around Postman, that you’d be a pro in no time.

If that doesn’t explain enough about Postman, please let me know! I can provide more detail if you’d like.

Hope this helps!