Featuring Postman as one of my favorite developers tools

I was made aware of this forum after mentioning Postman on my company blog. Postman is included here: 17+ Must Have .NET Developer Tools. I use Postman almost every day in my daily work to test our API and much more. Love the tool and have been using it all the way back from when it was a Chrome extension.


Thanks for the kind words and for posting the article here, @ThomasArdal, and welcome to the Postman community!

We would love to know how your team uses Postman now.

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Of course. I’m the main developer on elmah.io, why I probably use it the most. I primarily use Postman to make HTTP requests to our API. Both locally and production. The API has swagger and swagger UI enabled, which makes it easy to perform a couple of requests. But with Postman, we can save a collection of predefined requests which saves us time when we need to regression test some of the parts that we don’t have automated tests for, recreating bugs, etc.

Postman is also heavily used when we create integrations with external systems. We have integrations for Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, and many more. Postman is always the first tool I use when starting to play with the API of an external tool. When I have a request towards an external system’s API working in Postman, moving it into our tool is a piece of cake.



Trying to satisfy my curiosity, if you don’t mind: :smile: How does your team collaborate on writing and maintaining the OpenAPI specs? Do you use it as a single source of truth for both internal and public APIs?

The API is developed in ASP.NET Web API (soon switching to ASP.NET Core). There’s a tool called Swashbuckle which automatically generate the JSON spec from the C# code. Swagger UI is included in Swashbuckle and auto generates the UI from the JSON. This means the only need to add new controllers and/or action to C# in order to publish it as part of the swagger endpoint.


Nice! Thanks for sharing!

How can we get internship at Postman? Can anyone please tell me about this?