Response not updating


I am trying to develop a PHP RESTful API and when i send a request, the response doesn’t change.
I am using the same URL every time.

I can tell it is not updating as there is one bit in the API I commented out, that still shows whenever I make the request.

It’s stopping me from testing anything properly and it’s really infuriating.

Can someone help me with this please?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Hello Olivier,

I’m facing a similar problem. The only difference is that after around 1 minute I can call once again my API endpoint and this time it’s sending the correct response.
I guess there is some cache issue somewhere, but I can’t manage to find any other setting in Postman that could triggers it. This problem occured after I updated to Postman 8, I never faced this problem before.

Are you experiencing the same issue, or your answer is never updated, even if called once again a few minutes later ?

I’ve enabled the no-cache header thinking that would solve it but that didn’t.

My answer/response is never updated even after 20 minutes.

The only way I can see changes is using my web browser and build everything for GET requests because I can’t test POST/PUT/DELETE request because of this issue :frowning:

has anyone found a fix for this?

Fixed by downgrading to version 7.36. Seems to be an issue in version 8.