Delays in response to altered requests

I’m a recent Postman user, and I’m finding that if I send an API request, and then send an altered request (for instance, if I want to PUT a change in the JSON “name” field, or if I alter a query parameter in the request) I wind up getting the response to the first request for about another ten minutes or so. Might anyone have any ideas as to what’s causing this lag?

Are you saving the request after each change, or just clicking on send?

I’m just clicking send; and if it matters, it’s being filtered through my employer’s network, so the lag might be due to delays for security. But still, I wouldn’t think it’d take ten minutes…

Have you tried on clicking save before sending the request? Does that make any difference?

Nope, still dealing with the delay.

Is this the web client or the desktop app?

Not that it really matters. I can’t see how Postman would send anything other than what is set in the request.

Can you check the Console Log, to double check that the parameters that you have set are actually being sent? You should be able to check the response, the headers, and the body. Does it show the changed fields?

On face value, without knowing your infrastructure, it sounds like a caching issue with your API\network (as it eventually starts working). Do you have a load balancer or something else in the mix. If you have a load balancer servicing the API, could you get the details on one of the direct servers, and send the request directly to the same server each time to rule that out.