Updating a value

Hello. I am new to Postman as well as this support page so if I need to provide additional details please let me know. I am trying to run tests on a financial services application. I can successfully create a request via postman but one of the values that I retrieved in the get statement does not get set:

Results of value not being set:

I even tried updating with a put request but did not seem to work either:

If I did not upload these correctly or I need to share anything please let me know. This is my first post so just not sure what posting etiquette is here. Thank you for any help!


Hi @bkruep,

The question seems to be more specific towards the API implementation. Can you please check the documentation of the API, what all fields can be updated and how the different APIs are implemented.

If we go by http verb POST–> is used for creation of new resource and PUT is used to update a resource.

It seems like, from postman you are able to hit the APIs, only data is not getting updated.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: