Postman caching response after version 8 update


I’ve updated Postmn to 8.2.2 version, but it happens that all request response seem to be cached for around 1 minute.
I’m using Postam mostly to test my own API while debugging.
First call to the API returns correct response, but if I make another API call few seconds after (and made an update to my API) I still get previous response.
If I wait for a while (around 1 minute) and make again my API call response is updated. no-cache is turned on in the settings.

Did I miss another setting somewhere ?

I made a search but couldn’t found any topic related to my problem.

Thank you for your help.

After more test it seems that this issue happen only when I’m debugging.
I mean that when I dump some data in the response I’m facing this caching issue.
But when the API is returning responses “normally” I’m able to receive different responses based on the parameters I add to the request.
This is so weird.

OK, it turns out that I also made an update to my server and opcache was turned on by default… which was leading to this caching issue.
Stupid from my side not to check this before.

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Hey @Fabrice, don’t be so hard on yourself! There’s tons of moving parts in everyone’s workflow. Thanks for keeping us updated and marking the solution. Hopefully it will help others avoid a similar issue in the future :slight_smile:

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