Requests work on scratch pad but not on workspaces

I’m just learning how to use postman desktop. My requests work when I’m on the scratch pad, but after importing them into my team workspace, I get 503… How come?!

hi @alexandreportugal , welcome to our community!

A 500-series error usually indicates a server-side problem. You might need to check with your team that your request made it to the server, but you should be able to check the Console (bottom left corner of the interface) to see what your outgoing request looked like.

Specifically, a 503 is a response that a service is unavailable, so you’ll need to ask your team about the circumstances which could cause this response.

My first check would be that your Authentication is copied over correctly for that request, or for the collection.


Thanks, Ian.

I just figured out a solution: disabling the proxy, which by default comes as “use the system proxy”.

I’m still confused, though. Should proxy configuration really matter in this case? Whether being sent from scratch pad or from a team workspace, my requests should be identical, right?

Oh, got it now! Scratch pad doesn’t use proxy by default!

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Thanks, it’s good feedback for our team to hear where users are getting stuck!