Collection runner failure

postman request completed successfully manually but failed in collection runner when ran through CLI with error runtime:extensions~request: request url is empty. I got many post to save the collection and run again. i enable the autosave button in setting section also but i got the same error message in reporting.

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Are the variable values that you’re trying to use outside of the app saved in the initial values?

What’s the cammand that you’re using with Newman?

I am not storing any values in any variable. i am running the below 2 command

cd collection path
newman run collectionname.json -r htmlextra

Can you check that JSON file to see if the request url is set for the requests.

yes request url is set for the request. otherwise i can not get the response when we hit the API manually

That’s not the same thing.

You could have exported the Collection without saving the requests correctly, which would have resulted in the URL not being set in the file. It wouldn’t be the same behaviour when running it manually because you can see that the URL is set in front of you.

Can you check the JSON or post the details, feel free to DM the raw file if you don’t want to share it here.

okay Let me check again

Thanks for your quick help. Now i am good

No worries.

Also, thanks for using the htmlextra reporter :heart:

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