Request URL getting changed automatically

I am trying to post a request using runner, however, the request URL is getting changed automatically to the past used URL.

Expected URL :- fscmRestApi/resources/
Runner URL :- fscmRestApi/resources/

Hey @satellite-astronome4 :wave:

If you’re making changes to the request being used in the runner, you need to ensure that those changes are saved.

If these are not saved, the runner won’t know about that update and will run it with the previously saved values.

Hi Dan,

thanks for the reply, I thought about the same thing.

I created a new collection and request and saved it also.
However, in the runner, it is not getting reflected.

even when I click the URL link in the runner, it takes me to the correct post request.

Unfortunately, without a short recording or some visual examples, it’s difficult to see what’s happening. :cry:

Hi dan,

Sharing pic for reference, you can also notice that the request is saved

You’d need to share full app images so I can see the request tab state etc.

The Save button on the request looks like it’s enabled but I can’t see above that to know what the tabs look like.

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Hi dan,

Thank you for your help, I would able to save it. really appreciate