Different results using send request and same request in Collection runner

Okay, let’s start by saying I’m a total newbie to Postman, so if I’ve defined the Category incorrectly, feel free to change it.
My problem is as follows.
I’ve defined a request containing the following parameters
Key Value
fnamn Jack
enamn the ripper
date_of_birth 1842-01-01

Hopefully, the attached screen scrapes show what I mean. In the DOB_correct scrape, you can see that the request contains all 3 keys and the response is as expected. In the DOB_incorrect scrape from within Collection Runner, the key used is suddenly a completely different one.
FWIW. The Name/DB ok request was created by duplicating an existing one (that probably contained the “invalid” search_key 1752…)

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Sorry, had to delete the screen scrapes and edit them. Couldn’t find how to reattach them again to the original post, so I’ll simply reply to the original one with the scrapes.

Hi @misi01, please open Console in both perspectives then compare requests.

If there are differences, you probably will have some point to fix, else we can keep seeking out for root cause.

Okay, then I know what to do if it happens again, After I posted the problem, I deleted the “failing” request and copied from one that used the same “basis” for the request, so the problem is gone now.
Thanks for the idea/help with the console window…

Okay, I ran into the problem again today. Basically, yesterday, I changed a number of the GET parms from fname to first_name and ename to last_name.
When I run the basic transaction in Postman, everything’s fine. When I run the same one (along with another) in Runner, it uses the old parms rather than the new ones.
Note that I have other similar transactions whereby I edited them and also change fnamn to first_name. It’s only this one that seems NOT to have been changed properly.

I can’t see the whole app window from that image but does the request tab have an orange dot on it?

If so, you have unsaved changes and although these look fine as an individual request - The runner currently doesn’t know about those unsaved changes and will continue to run the previously saved request details.

That could be the answer. I deliberately “saved” the request again (though I received a message along the lines of “no changes to save” (or similar)), after which the request worked correctly in runner