Regarding GSoC 2021

OK, here’s an update:

You should receive an email response in the next couple of business days. Meanwhile, you can start engaging with the community and pick up 1-2 issues on Postman Inc. · GitHub which interest you and are in line with your project ideas or not. Considering contributing to open source is a great start. Emailing is still a valid way to contact our team about your ideas or with your questions.

We are also onboarding the mentors onto the platform to begin interactions with students.


No, something’s wrong with my Github account(It was flgged “spam” wrongly…). I’m dealing with it.

I am a final year student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, pursuing Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Computer Science and Information Technology. I wanted to contribute in Postman in GSOC’21. How can I contact the respective project mentors to discuss the project ideas with them?

Hello, I am Aswin, a Freshman in Computer science and engineering. I wish to be a part of postman for GSOC’21. I wanted to know if there are chatrooms to discuss the project ideas.

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@aswincg @sambhavsweethome30 Do see the message above by @hannah.neil

Hello everyone reading this!

We now have a specific category for GSoC related conversation - head on over to our shiny new GSoC subcategory (nested under Open Technologies, for future reference). Post there for your queries, ideas, updates, and engaging with mentors.

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Please find the GSoC 2021 guidelines here – GSoC 2021 Guidelines

Please create a topic here post reading the guidelines

Will do. Thanks :smiley:

All discussions will be held here on Discourse under GSoC sub category of Open Technologies

Please go through this How do I ask a good question? - Help Center - Stack Overflow and then create a topic on the gsoc discourse page. Mentors will respond post going through your query and other community members can assist too


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This is a query regarding GSOC 2021.
I am interested in one of the Project Ideas ( Newman Request ) and want to contribute to it. How can I contact the mentors or Postman Team with regards to the Proposal, etc.

Hi @yashi12 please check this – newman/ at develop · postmanlabs/newman · GitHub and if any other queries please create a new topic or add to an existing one


Ok, Iwill go through it. Thankyou !

@Sharath_Iyengar Can we submit more than one proposal for different project ideas to Postman?

@thefierycoder please check this Writing a proposal | Google Summer of Code Guides

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@Sharath_Iyengar Thanks :pray:
Can you provide more details about Idea 6: Open API Postman Public Workspace?
I have gone through the idealist GSOC 2021 but there is very little information regarding idea 6.

Will do shortly. Requesting your patience


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I am also planning to apply for gsoc 2021. I am going to try for the Parallel Iterations in Newman task. In the meantime, I wanted to know the best way of understanding and figuring out the source code? is the any mentor or person I can approach for this?

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Please create a new topic for any further enquiries and in the meantime you can get started here