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Hey there!
I have been contacting for over a month now and there’s been no response from the other end.
How should I contact the mentors to discuss my proposal?

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Hey @aviation-candidate-2 – I’ll bring this up with the Postman team members who are running our participation in GSoC–Google just announced the accepted companies, so this will start going in full swing soon!

PS: Your enthusiasm is definitely appreciated.


@hannah.neil Thanks a lot!

This is to inform you that some of the members are using pull requests to showcase their proposal which is not fair to the other people who have been using Forums.
Also, I’ve been working for 3 months now on Newman and I have the proposal ready but unfortunately can’t get a review on it.
I understand that the mentors may be busy and occupied with their work.
Sorry again…
Thanks & Regards.

Hi @aviation-candidate-2

I understand and this is why we just published GSoC guidelines 2021 here –GSoC 2021 Guidelines

Follow the steps mentioned in the link above to start off with the feedback on your project idea.

Looking forward to your contribution efforts and helping others onboard onto the community.

Requesting your patience as mentioned in the post, mentors are being onboarded.


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