Recovering deleted montiors

My team is using postman to monitor an existing api. We created a collection with a suite of tests and were running it in a monitor. We’re also using the Sync API integration to backup collections to bitbucket, and a few times now its caused duplicate collections to be imported.

Today I deleted the duplicate collections, but apparently deleted the collection the monitor was running from. This caused the monitor to disappear. I restored the collection but it didn’t restore the monitor. I was able to recreate the monitor, but now it is missing the data from previous runs.

Is there any way to restore deleted monitor data? Its important to our team to be able to view historical data for a few months. Is there a good way to lock down the collections/monitors to prevent accidental deletion? We’re on the basic plan but would consider upgrading to professional if it made sense to do so.

Hi @tbrackney - I don’t know that it’s possible to restore the deleted data from previous runs, but you can try contacting the Postman support team here:

If you want your collections accessible within team workspaces, you can upgrade to Professional or Enterprise to set Editor versus Viewer roles on things like collections. Alternatively, you can keep the collections in a personal workspace and then roll your own solution to pipe out your monitoring results into Slack, for example.

Thanks Joyce,

We have the monitors set up to post to slack, but it just gives us an overview without the details of what failed, and unfortunately following the link to the deleted monitor page results in a page not found error.

Do any of the other integrations provide more detailed data? Like if we exported to DataDog would we be able to see run details, or is it pretty similar in detail to the slack integration?