Monitor was deleted but seems to be still running


I created a twice hourly monitor that makes 2 calls each time it runs. After a few days, I saw a warning about usage, and there was a reference to Shared Requests being over limit.

After reading this topic Monthly Usage Limits I realized my monitor was on a Team Workspace (one which I must have created a couple years ago when first using/learning about Postman). So I moved my collection from that Team Workspace to my Personal Workspace, and subsequently deleted the Team Workspace. I then realized the requests were moved, but not the monitor.

So I recreated the monitor on my Personal Workspace, and set it to run every 4 hours. It was working fine, but every 2 hours I got an error 401 for duplicate content from the Twitter API (monitor posts a status).

I thus realized my old monitor is still running, except that I don’t see it anywhere.

How can I access it so I can stop or (preferably) delete it?


Hi @floripare :blush:

Deleting the workspace deletes the associated Monitor with it. Since you have moved the collection to different workspace the existing one may be left in “Paused” state.

You can try viewing it from the dashboard, select your workspace and try if you can locate the monitor in there.

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Hi @bpricilla!

That’s what I thought, but apparently it didn’t happen.

When I open my dashboard, I see now one workspace, my Personal Workspace. The Team Workspace is gone, so I don’t have access to it anymore.

I know the monitor is running because I see the tweets being published every two hours. My new monitor is set to run every 4 hours (and it is currently paused, as it was causing duplicate content issues with the Twitter API).

Hi @bpricilla, thanks for your help so far. I’ve just submitted a ticket with Postman Support for this. Ticket #68024, in case you want to check on their eventual reply.

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Thanks great to know!! Hope they will get back asap for your interesting use case :blush:

Hey @bpricilla, yes, they were super fast and the monitor has already been deleted. Thank you for help. :clap: :clap: :clap: