Recovering data after deletion in Postman

what to do if you accidentally sent a deletion request and want to “restore” it or cancel it in Postman. I accidentally deleted all my data, how can I recover it?

Hey @tankistkuzma1996 :wave:

Could you clarify what you mean deletion request, please?

Is that an actual HTTP DELETE call or are you talking about something else?

What data have you deleted and where was it deleted from?

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Да.Я случайно сделал настоящий вызов HTTP DELETE. И удалились данные в проекте Django з базы данных DB Browser for SQLite. В Python запущен сервер.Удалились данные на сервере.
Yes. I accidentally made a real HTTP DELETE call. And the data in the Django project from the DB Browser for SQLite database was deleted. A server is running in Python. The data on the server has been deleted.

From a Postman point of view, there’s nothing we could do to help you out with this.

I don’t know anything about the implementation so I don’t know if there are local backup or other mechanisms in place that would assist in data recovery.

Moving forward, you could put a few safeguards in place with a Collection pre-request script that checks the HTTP Method and an Environment file name, to prevent those requests from being sent to the server.

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