Twitter - Next token returning no body to be exported

Hi there!

I have successfully utilized Twitter’s “Recent Search” endpoint via Postman to collect tweets & my most recent call shows in my Developer Portal that it collected a total of 595 tweets.

However, I was only able to retrieve 496 of these because when I enter the final “next_token” I received and make the call, the response returns a “200 OK” response but no body and therefore no JSON file that can be downloaded and saved.

I have tried it over and over again, with no resulting body. I didn’t do anything differently from my previously successful calls, so I’m wondering if the final “next_token” I received is somehow faulty?

If so, I’d love to know how to resolve this. I’m missing out on being able to obtain the final page of tweets (n = 99).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


I even re-ran the previous page of results so that I could obtain a new next token in hopes of retrieving those 99 messages from a 14-hour period that I appear to be missing, but that new token resulted in a body-less “200 OK” response as well. Please help!

Hi @carolinefreden. Welcome to the Postman Community.

This doesn’t look like an issue with Postman but rather with the X API itself. Can you try raising a request with X Developer Platform Support?

Thanks for your quick reply, @gbadebo-bello! That’s what I was thinking - especially now that according to my Twitter Developer Portal, I have 300 (?) tweets that are unaccounted for from this next token. Postman continues to work for all other next tokens. Do you have a recommendation as to how I can get in touch with X? I posted in the Developer forum 2 days ago but have yet to hear anything in response, and the tweets I’m missing are from last Tuesday into Wednesday, so time is of the essence with the “recent search” function only capable of going back one week.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations regarding X’s support. I recommend going over their documentation again to see if you missed anything about the level of access you’re granted perhaps the API limits fetching the most recent data. Best of luck with it!

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