PSA: Helpful scripts for running regression tests

If anyone uses Postman for test automation (regression testing, etc), check out the JavaScript utility library I wrote:

I’m new to Postman (just have been using it for a couple of weeks, although I have some rudimentary knowledge of Insomnia), but I felt the need to write a library after taking over a regression test suite for our REST API products and realizing that the code could be simplified and reduced. In fact, it reduced the amount of code by, at least a factor of 10. And it produces consistent logging that makes troubleshooting issues a lot easier.

I also need to mention that I’m not a JavaScript expert (I know C/C++, C#, some Java, PowerShell, T-SQL, but I never actually spent time learning JavaScript), so there may be a chance to make the library. If you see issues or suggestions, let me know.

I hope someone finds it helpful.


Very useful Alek, great work.
I am defiantly going to use it!

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