Postman wish list

After working with Postman for couple of weeks, I really wish it supported these things:

  • Method to get folder name/path similar to (e.g.,
  • Method to get the script type, i.e. whether it’s executing a pre-request or post-request.
  • Save all button/menu option.
  • Ability to print console messages (console.log, etc.) without quotes.
  • Ability to export environment info without secrets (just export variable names, but not sensitive values).
  • Ability to add custom code snippets.
  • Easier way of including external scripts from local files (vs. using CDs/evals).
  • Support for cleanup scripts that would execute at the end of individual test or collection test run, so it would go: folder pre-requests → test 1 pre-request → test 1 request → folder post-requests → test 1 → folder pre-requests → test 2 pre-request → test 2 request → folder post-requests → test 2 → … > test N → cleanup.
  • Test dependency, e.g. test X depends on test A, so if you run test X (as stand-alone or in a collection), test A would always run before test X (somewhere in the sequence before it).

For the record, Postman is an amazing tool. We use it for regression testing of our REST APIs and it makes our dev/QA lives so much easier. Many thanks to the Postman team and community.

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