Regression Testing

I have been using Postman for API testing for about two years now but now my company wants to go beyond the basic testing that I have been doing.

We are trying to do Regression testing in Postman.
I am not good at coding but the response type is JSON.

Where do I start?



Start at making a good user story for testing that defines what needs to be tested , and what is the expected behavior.

THen think of automating this task , just write down highlevel steps like ,

 user should be able to delete an entry , given entry is present

Now make into lower level logical flow ,

 1 . Create an entry
  2. Delete the entry
  3 Validate response

Now again split it into smaller once , how to create user , how delete etc. Again split it into smaller one , how to create post and delete request. How to fiteer a particular id from an array and so on.

     COding is a tinny tinny part of programming world, design is the soul

you get coding answers by googling so don’t worry about it , concentrate on designing the test flow and use cases properly