Free edition usage


I want to elucidate what really means the free edition.

Let me explain the context. :
A company with many developpers organize in agile team use the Free edition of postman. But they don’t share anything, and don’t need the paid elements. They just use Postman as a tools to send/reply and tests some API endpoints.

In the terms of usage of Postman, I see “no restriction” but the legal division ask if our usage is conforming to the Postman Licencing.

thanks for answer

Hi there @Spoint - if your developers are currently using Postman individually as an API client, then you’ll be fine on the FREE plan.

You may choose to upgrade if you’re sharing requests and collections within your team (if more than 3 people), or hitting rate limits on the more advanced features (like mocks, monitors, etc). Here is the pricing page, if you want to browse down the FREE column to see what you can do.

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