Does Postman require a paid license?

Does Postman require a paid license?

I found this information online but it doesn’t state in the official postman web page.

The free tier of Postman, also known as Postman Team, includes the following features:

  • Collaboration with up to three team members
  • 1,000 free monthly API calls
  • Use of Postman’s API, collections, environments, mock servers, monitors, and spaces
  • Access to Postman’s web dashboard
  • Limited access to Postman’s version control system and collaboration features
  • Access to Postman’s community and standard support

Hi @tunckeskin. Welcome to the Postman Community.

Postman offers a freemium service. The features highlighted above are free to use, but users will need to opt in to one of our paid plans if they want to access other paid features.

You can learn more about our pricing structure on this page.

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