Prefill/Export Oauth 2.0 Get New Access Token form?

How can I include Get New Access Token form values in exported collection?

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Can you elaborate your question better or even insert an example?

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@Sandokhan attaching screenshot of a request that is a part of a collection that I imported.
When the collection was exported, the form that appears when I click Authorization > Oauth 2.0 > Get New Access Token was filled in.
After importing the collection, the form is empty:

Hi @rewriteinrust have you try to use variables on this form?

This because when I was simulating the same scenario that you describe with the help of variables, they are imported together with the collection.


@Sandokhan Using variables in Get New Access Token form does not export the form.
And, variables (environment variables) are not included in collection export.

@rewriteinrust When you use environment variables you have to export-import them too. Btw sorry for not be able to help you.

Another way to help when you are exporting collections with varibles is use Collection Variables.

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