Possible to set OAuth 2 flow configuration in Postman Collection?

Is there a way to set the OAuth 2 flow configuration within a collection? E.g. I want to share my collection with my users and them having this form pre-filled already:

Would this be possible?

Yes and no :slight_smile: . How are you sharing collections with your users?

Sharing with your Team
If they’re on the same team – sharing the collection to a shared workspace will allow you to maintain the credentials that you populate.


Sharing Exported Collections
Exported collections won’t contain auth information from our authorization helpers.

Alternative to the Helper
Our authorization helper is there to make authorization a bit easier. You can abstract the helper away by adding individual requests to the collection to the appropriate endpoints used for generating auth tokens/credentials.

You’ll notice that I used handlebar placeholders in the authorization modal – e.g. {{variable}} – having an environment template with corresponding values will allow a bit more flexibility in how you share sensitive information.

Thank you Chris, I think this pretty much answered it for me.

I am sharing an exported collection to my downstream external developers. I already included our authentication endpoints separately as well, though I also want to make it as easy as possible for these users to get started.

These users are not within out company, and as such it seems your answer suggests I can’t share these settings with them.

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