Sharing collections without authz tokens

I’m looking for suggestions about how to share Postman collections and environments with non-Pro users. I’d like to send an exported collection, containing a few requests each with a few tests, to other developers. I had been storing an authz token in my environment along with other values. When I wanted to send the environment settings to them as well, I realized I had better remove the authz token. I decided to give the others a global environment variable file with a “blank” for them to fill in their own authz token.

Is this a good technique or is there some better way to do this?

Hi @lsloan_umich! We do recommend using “blank” values as it makes it clear to the user that they need to put in their own credentials in order to run the collection. I would suggest duplicating the environment you’re using and removing those values from the duplicate, rather than sending a global variable JSON - it just makes things less complicated. You can check out an example collection/environment combo we’ve published here:fire:

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Thanks for the suggestion. That makes sense. I’ll try that out soon.